The Mastermind was selected as a best book of 2019 in The New York Times 100 Notable Books, NPR’s Favorite Books, Hudson’s Ten Best Nonfiction Books, Kirkus Best Reported Books, Mother Jones 2019 Books to Read, Evening Standard Best Technology Books, CrimeReads Ten Best True Crime Books

The New York Times: “A triumph… Aside from the other triumphs of The Mastermind, Ratliff clearly deserves this year’s Award for Dogged Journalism for staying on his target until the very end.” (A New York Times’ 2019 Notable Book)

Publisher’s Weekly: “A true crime classic.” 

The Los Angeles Times: “A tour de force of shoe leather reporting—undertaken, amid threats and menacing, at considerable personal risk.” 

The Daily Mail: “A masterwork of investigative journalism.”

Outside: “The whole thing reads like fiction.”