From the desk of journalist and podcast host Evan Ratliff.


> Persona hits the top 5 on Apple’s podcast charts. Some reviews in Vulture (New York Magazine), The Guardian, Financial Times, and Airmail.

> My new 8-part narrative podcast, Persona, is out. The first season is called The French Deception, and it concerns a French-Israeli con artist named Gilbert Chikli, who pioneered a scam that spread around the globe. The episodes will roll out weekly over June and July. Get it on any platform where you listen to podcasts.

> New story in Bloomberg Businessweek, a follow on to my 2021 piece on Ramon Abbas aka Ray Hushpuppi: How Instagram’s “Billionaire Gucci Master” Sank Nigeria’s Top Cop.

> “The Fall of the Billionaire Gucci Master” makes Vice Motherboard’s annual “Jealousy List”