From the desk of journalist and podcast host Evan Ratliff.


> In my latest for Bloomberg Businessweek, I wrote about how a traffic stop in Tulsa launched a massive investigation into an alleged $545 million catalytic converter theft ring, during which one police officer was killed and another grew obsessed with “cutting the head off the snake”

> I attended the Supreme Court oral arguments in Samia v. United States and wrote about the latest twist in the saga of Paul Le Roux and the case at the heart of The Mastermind. (In late June, the Court ruled against Samia.)

> Turkish media (English summary) picks up on Persona revelations about the scamming of tycoon İnan Kıraç.

> For my latest feature in Business Insider, I wrote about the two years I spent stalking thousands of AI-generated faces around the web, the personas they represent, and what it means when most of what you see online is fake.

> Persona hits the top 5 on Apple’s podcast charts. Some reviews in Vulture, The Guardian, Financial Times, and Airmail.