Speaking / Media Appearances

I give talks and appear in the media fairly regularly to discuss a range of topics including digital privacy, the art of disappearing, cybercrime and fraud, organized crime and terrorism, the drug war, journalism, and digital publishing. Feel free get in touch if you’d like me to show up somewhere. Here’s a selection of past media appearances and events:


Bloomberg Big Take: “You Never Think About Your Car’s Catalytic Converter—Until Thieves Saw It Off” (2023)

Crypto Critics Corner: “Did Satoshi run a drug cartel: The Paul Le Roux Story (feat. Evan Ratliff)” (2023)

6PR Australia: “Evan Ratliff’s latest book on drug trafficker Paul le Roux” (2022)

Cheat Podcast: “The Gucci Billionaire Master / The Rise & Fall of Nigeria’s Supercop” (2022)

Bloomberg: “The Fall of the World’s Flashiest Scammer” (2022)

NBC: “Secrets of the Transy Book Heist” (2021)

Blockchain People: “Satoshi Nakamoto in Jail?” (2021)

Coast to Coast: “Internet Drug Lord” (2020)

Reply All: “The Founder” (2019)

Recode Decode: “The Mastermind author Evan Ratliff explains how tech enabled a drug kingpin” (2019)

KCRW’s Press Play: “Paul Le Roux, the biggest criminal mastermind you’ve never heard of” (2019)

CoinTalk: “Was Satoshi an International Drug and Arms Smuggler?” (2019)

Longform Podcast: “Evan Ratliff, author of The Mastermind” (2019)

Postlight Track Changes: “What if Al Capone wrote C++?: Evan Ratliff on the The Mastermind, Paul Le Roux” (2019)

But That’s Another Story with Will Schwalbe: “Writer Evan Ratliff on Hunter S. Thompson’s Hell’s Angels, his love of mysteries, and the future of longform journalism” (2019)

Rappler: “Journalist Evan Ratliff on drug kingpin Paul Le Roux’s operations in PH” (2019)

Let’s Talk About Cats, “Henry” (2019)

48 Hours, CBS: “Manhunt Continues for Fugitive Multimillionaire Years after Being Charged with Wife’s Murder” (2019)

ProPublica: “Keeping Tabs on the Hacking Hero Who Became a Criminal Kingpin” (2016)

Rachel Maddow Show, MSNBC: “Indictment Expected of Aggressive Congressman” (2014)

Brian Lehrer Show, WNYC: “Michael Grimm’s Long and Rocky Road” (2014)

VQR: “The Writer’s Dilemma (2013)

The Takeaway, PRI: Global Social Media Manhunts, All Fun and Games? (2012)

New Yorker Out Loud, New Yorker/WNYC: Informants (2012)

The New York Times: “The Atavist Matures as a Publisher and a Platform” (2012)

All Things Considered, NPR : “Dog-Gone Genetics: A Few Genes Control Fido’s Looks” (2012)

Leonard Lopate Show, WNYC: “Informants and the FBI” (2011)

The Takeaway, PRI: “Atavist: A Place for Long-Form Interactive Journalism” (2011)

The New York Times: “Longform Journalism Finds a Home” (2011)

Columbia Journalism Review: “Q&A: The Atavist” (2011)

On the Media, WNYC: “Captured” (2009)

Skavlan, Sweeden/Norway: “Interview” (2009)

Frontline / Your Digital Nation: “Off the grid” (2009)

CBS News: “A disappearing act” (2009)

On the Media, WNYC: “Changing platforms” (2009)

ABC News: “’Missing’ Wired Magazine Writer Found” (2009)


WIRED25 with Andy Greenberg, San Francisco (2019)

American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Conference, Washington DC (2019)

MAC Annual Conference, Las Vegas (2019)

Web Summit, Dublin (2015)

Sundance Film Festival, Park City (2014)

SXSW, Austin (2011, 2012, 2013, 2014)

Business Innovation Factor-9, Providence (2014)

EngageNYC, NYC (2014)

Social Media Week, NYC (2013)

Media MashUp, Dublin (2013)

XOXO, Portland (2012)

Luminance, NYC (2012)

Chicago Ideas Week, Chicago (2011)

North by Northeast Interactive, Toronto (2010, 2011)

NY Tech Meetup, NYC (2011)

PICNIC Festival, Amsterdam (2010)

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis (2010)


Writing Crime” NYU, New York (2019)

The Power of Storytelling, Bucharest (2019)

Power of Narrative Conference, Boston (2019)

Longform Podcast & Mastermind Live, Brooklyn (2019)

CASE Editors Forum Keynote (2017)

The Columbia Journalism School Delacorte Lecture, NYC (2016)

Festival Piauí de Jornalismo, Sao Paolo (2014)

American Society of Journalists and Authors, NYC (2013, 2014)

Mayborn Conference, Grapevine (2013)

Power of Narrative Conference, Boston (2013)

IfBookThen, Milan (2013)

IfBookThen, Stockholm (2013)

Folio MediaMashup, NYC (2013)

Gotham Media Preview, NYC (2013)

Asian-American Journalist’s Association, NYC (2013)

Digital Book World, NYC (2011, 2012, 2013)

Columbia Publishing Course, NYC (2011, 2012, 2013)

Los Angeles Times Books Festival, Los Angeles (2012)

The Power of Storytelling, Bucharest (2012)

Asian-American Writer’s Conference, NYC (2012)

East Meets West, Berkeley (2012)

Future of Online Journalism, Berkeley (2012)

Low Residency, Las Vegas (2011)

The Women’s National Book Association, NYC (2011)

NYU Summer Publishing Institute, NYC (2011)

Association of Alternative Newsweeklies, New Orleans (2011)

Journalism Interactive, College Park (2011)

Online News Association Conference, Boston (2011)

Porchlight SF 5th Anniversay (2007)